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The delicate process of making brown butter is a sensitive one rooted in culinary science that, when done incorrectly, can easily lead to burnt butter. This is enough to scare off many home cooks and deter restaurants from using it as the risk of burning and inconsistent cooking is greater amidst a busy commercial kitchen. Typically, clarified butter is used in its place and while it is similar, it is still different in that it doesn't have the toasted milk solids that brown butter is known for.


Hunter Browns’ Brown Butter Cubes takes care of that by bringing you pure butter that’s been caramelized and browned to perfection. Each cube is equal to one tablespoon; no measuring is needed. Simply drop in the number of tablespoons the recipe calls for and voila! Simple dishes have now become worthy of high-end meals, family gatherings, dinner parties, and stay-in date nights.

Brown Butter Cubes

There are three ways to use our brown butter cubes for cooking: 


Heat for 30 seconds, then in 10-second increments thereafter. Best for drizzling over popcorn and pancakes, or if needed in liquid form.


Cook in low heat with dark-side up so as not to sear milk solids. Increase heat if needed. Best for sautéing vegetables, stir-frying, or when being used in place of cooking oil.

LET IT MELT (i.e. no cooking!)

Best used as a last ingredient to elevate dishes instantly. Add to Mac 'n Cheese for an extra creamy finish or let it melt in spaghetti noodles with feta cheese for a quick and rich brown butter spaghetti.

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Brown butter is great for baking as it gives recipes rich, hazelnut-like notes to your baked goods and desserts. 


When used for baking, leave out to soften and use as you would whole butter. Remember that our brown butter cubes are 100% fat while whole butter is only approximately 80% fat. To substitute brown butter in baking without any change in texture or consistency, decrease brown butter amount by 15-20% and increase liquid by the same amount. Thus, if a recipe calls for 1 stick of butter (1/2 cup), add 7 brown butter cubes with 1 tbsp water.


If milk solids turn black, fear not; this stage of caramelization is the darkest form of brown butter, known as black butter, or beurre noir, and is, in fact, the richest version of its kind and great for both cooking and baking. Well done, you!


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