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Lanna nominated for Recognition Award: Rising Star Category

April 26, 2021

We are so thrilled that Lanna has been nominated for a Recognition Award at the Second Annual Canada’s Total Mom Pitch presented by Scotiabank women Initiative, powered by Visa Canada. Lanna is being nominated for the Rising Star Award by Export Development Canada! The awards take place virtually on April 19, 2021. Goodluck Lanna!

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Lanna makes Top 100 for Canada's Total Mom Pitch

November 25, 2020

Canada’s Total Mom Pitch presented by Total Mom Inc, in partnership with The Scotiabank Women Initiative™ powered by Visa Canada . Over 700 women nationally have applied for Canada’s first annual Total Mom Pitch! The program highlights female founders who own a small business while supporting all applicants from around the country to tap into Canada's best resources through the Total Mom Small Business Bundle.

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Futurpreneur: Food Workshop featuring Hunter Browns

September 28, 2020

Lanna Lucas & mentor, Carolyn McLaren share ins & outs of starting a food biz + recipe using award winning Hunter Browns’ Brown Butter Cubes.

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Hunter Browns is a Finalist at BC Food & Beverage for Best in Brand Category

August 7, 2020

The BCFB Awards is an annual event that celebrates the accomplishments of companies, products, and individuals that have truly made an impact in the BC food, beverage, and natural health industry.

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WINNER: Hunter Browns Wins Best Food Product (Savoury) from Vancouver Magazine's Made in Vancouver Awards!

July 27, 2020

Hunter Browns is thrilled to WIN the Made in Vancouver Awards 2020: Best Food (Savoury) Product Category. Vancouver Magazine’s Made in Vancouver Awards spotlight the city’s best homegrown goods!

From Vancouver Magazine:

There’s a special rung high on the ladder for creators who produce something that heretofore you never knew you needed. Case in point: brown butter cubes. Anyone who’s picked up a cookbook, clicked on Epicurious or tuned into the Food Network will instantly recognize the conundrum: a given recipe just casually mentions brown butter as an ingredient. You know, no biggie. So, fine. Add 10 minutes to the recipe and another pan (and possibly a strainer) to the wash pile. And that’s assuming you don’t take your eyes off said pan for 20 seconds to find the entire batch has turned to black butter. Or, you can open this bag from Hunter Browns, drown in a cube and be done with it in five seconds. Seriously. Add the nutty richness to a simple pasta, give complexity to shortbread or supercharge a risotto all in the time it takes to open your fridge. Vancouver’s Hunter Browns is the first company to shortcut the path from pedestrian to gourmet. Game. Changer.

Congratulations to all our fellow nominees, finalists, honourable mentions and winners!

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