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Hunter Browns: 
your secret ingredient.

The award-winning taste of Hunter Browns' Brown Butter Cubes will turn any dish from ordinary to gourmet in no time!

The magic of brown butter

French cuisine is known for its indulgent flavours. That's because they have long been masters of cooking with brown butter, a flavour agent with a deep caramalesque aroma and slightly nutty taste. The magic of brown butter is that it can be used in both sweet and savoury recipes. While it can elevate almost any dish, it is also known for being tedious to cook and often intimidating to make. Until now.

With Hunter Browns,  our Brown Butter Cubes will turn any dish from ordinary to extraordinary in no time.

Where it all began

“I am by no means a cook,

I’m average at best; but if

someone like me can feel this

good around the kitchen,

it’s my duty to share it!”


Lanna Lucas

Founder of Hunter Browns

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Endless possibilities

There's nothing better than a secret ingredient that will take any dish from basic to gourmet. It's not always spices or cream either; it's brown butter. From chocolate chip cookies to creamy mashed potatoes, the flavour and aroma of our Brown Butter Cubes is sure to make any dish more delicious. See how we've used it in our favourite recipes and check out our gallery for some new ideas. The possibilities are truly endless.

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